About Cannula Cushions

About The Problem

Nasal cannula oxygen tubing can rub and press against the skin, causing irritation and painful impressions. COPD, dyspnea, Asthma, and IPF (idiopathic lung fibrosis) are all examples of conditions that cause hypoxia and that may require extended usage of supplemental oxygen therapy. For oxygen users, sleeping is one common situation where tubing pressed against the face for extended periods can irritate the skin and cause lasting lines and tube impressions.

About The Solution

Skin irritation and facial impressions are solvable problems. Cannula Comfort Cushions™ were designed to serve as a protective layer between the user’s skin and the nasal oxygen cannula tubing that presses against it. The pads are designed to distribute pressure over a wider surface and are made from a soft yet durable medical grade silicone that offers comfort and protection where it’s needed.

About Us

We are Dravon Medical, a family-owned medical device manufacturer with deep expertise in medical use thermoplastics and a well-earned reputation for quality. Since 1974, customers and business partners have been able to count on us to make high quality products that effectively address important patient needs. Cannula Comfort Cushions™ were a natural addition to our product portfolio. They are thoughtfully designed and highly effective at providing relief to a common problem experienced by users of supplemental oxygen.

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