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Cannula Comfort Cushions™

Increased frequency of conditions such as Dyspnea, Asthma, and COPD have brought to light the unfortunate side effects of oxygen tube use. Patients that require long-term usage of oxygen through a nasal cannula often suffer from irritation, creases, and grooves in their skin.

When the soon-to-be inventor of Cannula Comfort Cushions™ became an oxygen user, he learned first-hand of the unsightliness and discomfort caused from his oxygen tubes. Finding no commercial solution to his problem, he sought to develop a solution himself. Cannula Comfort Cushions™ provide a skin-friendly layer of protection that allows patients to comfortably wear oxygen tubing for long durations without pain, irritation, or indentations.

Oxygen Cannula and Face Mask
Crease Prevention

Designed to provide protection from creases and improved tube support, it prevents tube collapse and roll – a critical safety precaution – and lets you sleep comfortably.

In much the same way a snow ski helps the skier glide across the surface of a mountain, Cannula Comfort Cushions™ widen the surface that meets the skin to prevent deep lines left by nasal cannula tubing. All users of nasal oxygen will benefit from using the Cannula Comfort Cushions™. The product is constructed of a medical grade silicone that has been thoroughly tested.

Oxygen Therapy through the Nasal Cannula

Supplemental oxygen therapy is a clinical intervention that helps patients with hypoxia, a medical condition typically associated with COPD, Dyspnea, Asthma, and Lung Fibrosis. Oxygen supplementation is often applied through nasal cannula oxygen tubing to provide a steady supply of oxygen

Cannula Comfort Cushions™ Work

We combined our clinical and technical expertise to create unique padding for nasal cannula that provides comfort and protection.

Medical Grade Silicone

Well-known biocompatibility profile, compatible both with skin and nasal cannula material.

Easy Mounting

Making Cannula Comfort Cushions™ a perfect fit to any standard width nasal oxygen tubing for patients.


We designed these cannula pads to aid in preventing irritation associated with the long-term application of oxygen through the nasal cannula.

Three Steps for Irritation-Free Oxygen Supply


Lay nasal cannula tube on a flat surface with the nasal barbs pointing toward the user. The curvature of the barb should be facing downward. Place one of the cushions under the tube with its groove facing up. Ensure the cushion is about 3/4'' away from the nasal barb.

Oxygen Flow

Press the cannula tube into the groove of the nasal cannula padding and start the oxygen flow with the cannula placed on the face.


Cannula Comfort Cushions™ have an expected life of 90 days. When the time comes to replace the oxygen cannula, Cannula Comfort Cushions™ can be re-used simply by removing it from the old cannula and applying it to the new one following the same steps described above.

For Use with Face Masks

To use cushions with a face mask, place the mask on face, then tuck cushions under the elastic straps and insert them into the cushion's groove.


My name is Sharon. Last March, I was diagnosed with PAH and once I was released from the hospital an oxygen machine was delivered to our house for my use. Initially I was on oxygen almost 24 hours a day but have been able to advance to only needing oxygen during the night. One of the most aggravating side-effects from using oxygen is the deep lines that form in your face from the oxygen tubes. Even when I was able to stay off the oxygen during the day the lines that developed on my face overnight never totally went away during the day. Nothing that I attempted to use to improve the comfort of wearing the oxygen tubes or to eliminate the indentations in my face worked. The first night I was able to wear your Comfort Cushions I was totally pleased. Not only were they very comfortable but in the morning there were no lines or indentations of any kind on my face. I can’t tell you how pleased I am not having to deal with the embarrassing indentations. Thank you for designing the Comfort Cushions.
Sharon M.
Phoenix, AZ
I ran across your website and thought this would be perfect for my father who uses oxygen. I bought it for him and he has used it for 2 weeks now. He was elated with how well it worked and suggested it to a friend he knows who also using uses oxygen. I am 48 years old and being careful with COVID and wearing a mask in public and I’m sick of having lines on my face. I decided to buy one and try it with my mask and was very pleased with how comfortable and well it works! I would definitely recommend it to anyone using cannulas but also to everyone out there wearing masks (doctors & public workers needing to protect themselves from COVID).
Excelsior, MN
I just received your product and I am over the moon. The first photo shows you the healed wound. The second picture shows your product protecting my skin. The sensitive skin area sometimes hurts so bad that I get headaches but this is working wonderfully even in just the first few minutes. The third picture shows my attempt to protect that area with a blister bandage. Thank you so much I’m totally indebted this is wonderful! PS covid face scars are due to “proning” with the ventilator tube having nowhere else to rest but against the side of your face. Without plastic surgery this scar is for life. And for some, unrepairable. While I consider it a badge of courage, your product keeps that badge pain free and from being reopened.
Lori B.
Tucson, AZ

The Cannula Comfort Cushions™ Work by
Providing the Following Benefits

Protection from Deep Lines

Provide a cushioning layer between the skin and the cannula tube, which protects the cheeks from creases and tube imprints.

Stabilization of the Cannula

Prevents unwanted movements of the cannula, especially during sleep.

Skin Protection

Made from medical grade silicone, which is known to be biocompatible with human skin.

Support for Long-Term Use

Made to help patients use a cannula on a long-term basis without fear of bruises, rashes, creases, grooves, or skin irritation.

Cannula Comfort Cushions™

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